Adult classes.

The adult classes are varied and cover close quarter systems, Filipino Hyusho, Panantukan and pressure points (attacking the nervous system), working on good flow drills with body/foot movement, and correct striking/energy. We also cover empty hand, stick, knife Working with the priciples within the Martial Arts.

What is Panatukan?

Panantukan or dirty boxing is an art without rules. Panatukan comes from the word Suntokan which means hitting. This art uses punches, strikes, elbows, head, knees, locks and unbalancing your opponant. Students learn to work with principles rather than techniques and learn how to take posture while keeping their own good posture, movement, correct timing and alway's being in the right place and keeping contol/finishing. We work on many principles, about 300 at the last count, though we generally work with about 15/20 during training.

This a real defence system and a must for all Martial Artist's or somebody that is just starting out. Come along for a chat or to see what we do. You won't be dissapointed.




Junior classes.

The Junior classes cover Traditional Shotokan Karate, Sparring, Kata and Filipino stick flow drills with dissarms and locks.

Karate is made up of two characters, KARA and TE. The word KARA meaning empty and TE meaning Hand. Therefore Karate means Empty Hand.
Karate is primarily thought of as being a form of self defence, but it also has many other advantages. Karate improves all round fitness, builds stamina, helps self control, improves concentration and is good for discipline and a great way to make new friends.

All juniors will gain confidence, learn great concentration, motor skills, mutual respect for all, improve listening and thinking skills. They will learn that they are able to achieve anything if they put their mind to it, applying these skills not just in the Dojo/training but for their schooling and every day life.

Juniors are taken from the age of 7 years, why not come along for a chat or to see what we do. Everyone is welcome.

Hope to see you soon.