Flipino Kyusho

GM John is very proud to be part of the Filipino Kyusho Association Under GM Angelo


GM Angelo Baldissone 8th Dan is the originator of  Filipino Kyusho Systems it has been born out of over 40+ years of dedicated study in the fighting arts, even today still practicing hours a day everyday, Studying under many Grand masters across the globe to find a unique blend that can transcend the arts and apply the concepts and principles contained within them.

GM Angelo started with boxing and judo at the tender age of eight, he has a very strong traditional back ground in Shotokan karate (36 years) graded by Master Enoeda,  Classical Arnis with  GM Rene Tongson of the Philippines . GM Angelo has studied many arts including Kyushojitsu (pressure points), Aikido, Italian knife, Jujitsu, Kung fu, Thai Boxing,  but it’s the principles contained in these arts and how they relate to each other that  is the most important thing it’s not enough to collect lots of techniques (baggage) , when you understand the principles you can do and make as many techniques work as you want.

What is Filipino Kyusho?

It is a combination of the Principles of Classical Arnis, Kyusho jitsu (pressure point fighting), Shotokan Karate , Aikido and Italian Knife combat, and some of the teaching ways and methods employed over the last 40+ years.
 It is always being refined and modified and updated just as in life, if it was not like this we would still be using a horse and cart instead of a car for travel, having said that it’s the core principles that always come through and must be applied. (Controlling centre line, taking posture, managing the dead zone, balance points, broken timing, using nearest weapon to nearest target, focus to the smallest point, Using body core etc. etc etc)
 To encapsulate Filipino Kyusho we would say it is the art of flowing and blending with pressure point striking which is done without the need for thought or prearranged movements to us it is a philosophy not a set of techniques.   
You would practice the system until you become one with yourself and your opponent, allowing you to perform exactly what is required with out conscious thought or effort.