Self defence

Kyusho-Jitsu (Pressure Point) Self Defence DVD
only 6.99 GBP

Master John Byrne 5th Dan brings you his first DVD on Pressure Point Self Defence.Master John shows the correct way to use pressure points in a self defence situation to help make your escape easy and with ease. This DVD is a great way to get you started and is easy to learn. This one hour video includes 1 knock out to show how effective pressure points can be.


PP 1

Kyusho-Jitsu - Pressure Point Location
DVD only 10.99 GBP

This DVD covers over 45 pressure points and shows you the correct angle and direction they should be struck to give maximum effect. This DVD covers points on the arms, head, body and legs. There are 361 pressure points all over the body so this DVD will get you started on your pressure point study. The points shown are the best points to practice as they are always available to strike. These points will help with your application of Kata and self defence regardless of style or system. This is a must for all Martial Artists who wants to learn pressure points.


PP 2

Kyusho-Jitsu Pressure Point Location 2 with Advanced striking and healing DVD only
10.99 GBP

Master John Byrne now brings you Pressure Point Location 2 with Advanced Striking and Healing. This DVD will show the advanced way to strike pressure points with the correct angle and direction. This DVD is a must for all Martial Artists that is studying pressure points. This DVD also shows healing techniques for Students, Family, Freinds and also your own well being. A lot of information on one DVD.


Working with

Kyusho-Jitsu Working with Pressure Points
DVD only 10.99 GBP

Master John Byrne now brings you his follow up DVD to the location DVD's. Master John shows you how to work with pressure points and helps you to see what Points are avaiable after the first strike. Showing the correct way to strike with angle and direction. You will see how the Pressure Points become available and lead you into your next move and how you can make the angle and direction of each point in turn. This DVD will help with all Martial Arts systems and self defence. This is a must for all Martial Artist wishing to move on with Kyusho-Jitsu.



Kyusho-Jitsu Healing with Energy and Intention DVD 10.99 GBP

Master John now brings his DVD on healing. You dont have to be a healer to be able to do the techniques in this DVD. Using the correct pressure points and the correct enegy anybody can learn to heal this way. This is a must for everyone using Pressure Points. This DVD shows how to use your energy for healing and your Martail Arts.


Stage 1

Kyusho Stage one DVD only 10.99 GBP

This DVD is the first in our Kyusho Stages. You will learn locations of pressure points. Activation and
re-setting the pain receptors.
Basic hand shapes. Nerve stretching. How to use the heavy hand method and much more.


2 disc set

Kyusho-Jitsu 2 disc set PP locations
1 and 2 DVD 20.99 GBP

Pressure Point locations 1 and 2 together with points to learn all over the body with angle and direction and advance striking techniques. With 361 points on the body these DVD's will give you the best points to learn for all martial arts systems.


3 disc set

Kyusho-Jitsu 3 disc set
DVD 30.99 GBP

Pressure Point locations 1 and 2 together with working with pressure points. There is a lot of information in this 3 disc set. This is a must for any martial artist wanting to learn Kyusho-jitsu.


4 disc set

Kyusho-Jitsu 4 disc set
DVD 39.99 GBP

The ultimate pressure point 4 disc set. For all martial artists wanting to learn pressure points to add to thier system right up to the healing side of this incredible art. You will learn Pressure points how to work with them and how to heal with them. A must for all Martial Artists


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