Grandmaster John Byrne 7th dan

Founder and chief instructor of the Chushin-do Federation


The Chushin-do Federation was founded by Grandmaster John Byrne 7th Dan in 1993 on the Isle of Wight. GM John moved to the Island in 1984 and was teaching martial Arts on the Island from 1988. The Federation started out a Shotokan Karate club and has evolved into a real self defence system of close quarter combat, Panantukan and Kyusho-Jitsu (Pressure Points) GM John has moved away from just doing the techniques of the Martial Arts to teaching and helping his students understanding the principles and the flow within the martial arts. GM John has been working along side and under the guidence of his very dear friend and instructor GM Angelo Baldissone for many years. GM Angelo has guided MGM John to becoming the Martial Artist he is today. For this he will always be eternally grateful.

More and more people are coming to learn these fantastic arts and we have met some fantastic people who we now proudly call friends. After 50+ years of study and change GM John and his club have grown in the arts that it teaches and all that it practises. This fantastic art of empty hand using a principles that are withing the martial arts and indeed life. along with Kyusho-Jitsu comes together to give one unique system for the art and indeed its self defence and is the only art of its kind on the Isle of Wight.

GM John teaches Filipino Kyusho, Panantukan and Kyusho-Jitsu together with some stick and knife work to all adult classes.

The Junior classes are Traditional Shotokan Karate and Filipino stick drills.

Everyone is welcome to come and train with GM John from complete beginners to martial artists from all other systems regardless of grade. Your martial art is for self guidance, confidence, well being in mind and body and self protection. GM John teaches students from all over with confidence and is proud of all his students past and present.

GM John is the author of Pressure Point instructional DVD's that are selling worldwide to over 30 countries. GM John is also available to teach seminars to clubs across the UK, Europe and to all wishing to learn these fantastic arts.

Always train safe